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me: *crying while trying to make a yukata pattern from scratch*
@NadineKaii lmao noooo that's the worst part it was a little scratch 😩
RT @CrimMinds_CBS: Look who's back! Derek Morgan returns to help take down Mr. Scratch in the #CriminalMinds season finale. Details:…
‘Bulletin: Earth creates water – from scratch’ via @worldnetdaily
I don't scratch my head unless it itches and I don't dance unless I hear some music. I will not be intimidated. That's just the way it is.
RT @EJLandwehr: •@realDonaldTrump is suing an 8 y/o girl because she built a website that lets you have kittens 'scratch' him. Retw…
This custom #ps4 joystick was designed from scratch via advanced Controller Configurator. Create yours now:…
Someone settle this for me...scratch or no scratch? 🤔 #TrackNation @Track_Probs
RT @doggerland48: From architecture to cultural life: how would you design a city from scratch?
With every offense, I try to love that much more effectively, but it doesn't seem to scratch the surface.
RT @ItsBollyLomo: Just another day in Lagos, but next time don't scratch a Lamborghini. 😂😂
Darden Restaurants Agrees To Acquire Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen For $780 Million; Adds A Casual Dining Value Lead..
"I'll think about it" in response to my BF wanting me to scratch his butt. We're so weird. I have no excuse. OK.
We play hard. We fight hard. We claw and scratch and rival hard. But in the end we are all one #HockeyFamily. Preds…
“Touch my tail, you die. Scratch behind my ears, you get something nice and personal~.”
@malizimayo i really enjoyed watching you make art from scratch, so interesting! and you're so lovely! i hope you have sweet dreams 💜💜💜
A8: I used to celebrate b-days every semester, baked cupcakes from scratch w/ real buttercream. Last sem we had a c…
Dallas Mavericks' Seth Curry (shoulder) late scratch vs. Oklahoma City Thunder
RT @kimzdahyun: *record scratch* *freeze frame* yup. that's us. you're probably wondering how we got into this situation.
RT @ChrisMcPhaiI: Theresa May's Planner. Monday: Talk about why unions are amazing. Tuesday: Trigger legislation to leave a union. Wednesday: Scratch head.
RT @GirlfriendNotes: If you scratch my back without me asking I might just might fall in love with you