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VIEW price of Samsung Sunburst A697 Phone (AT&T) and special offer!!!Product Description : Samsung Sunburst A697 Phone (AT&T) One of AT&T's new line of Quick Messaging Devices, the Samsung Sunburst helps you stay on top of all your communications--from voice to e-mail to instant messaging to social networking. It features a stunning design that accents Sunburst's 3-inch touchscreen-enabled display, with a curvy exterior and light accent below the screen. A widget bar allows one-touch access to a wealth of phone functions like creating a text message, in addition to direct links to social networking sites. The Samsung Sunburst with 3-inch touchscreen-enabled display . The user-friendly interface makes it intuitively easy to navigate through the menus, and Smart Unlock gesture control makes it even easier to launch various functions. Draw the letter 'U' to u [Read More...] >> [Click to see price]

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