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Tried to have dinner and dessert ready after going to the store for Cody when he got home but I failed 🙁 #newmomprobs
RT @GawdTrill: date a girl when you're ready to hand her your phone without freaking out bro
RT @SteveStfler: when she wants round 2 but you're not ready yet
RT @carpntrise: dove cameron: i'm up with the sunshine, i lace up my high tops me: SLAM DRUNK, READY OR NOT, NOW SHOW YOU WHAT YOU…
RT @InsanGeet77: Get ready to enjoy the healthy laughter dose in cinemas with full of inspirational messages ! As #JattuEngineerShootCompleted today!
I couldn't be more pumped for the Lion King remake but I'm not sure I'll ever be ready to relive Mufasas death in live-action CGI.
@hilton_philip @Madonna @MauryTix @Maverick Yes Phillip ! I Been practice and doing her @hardcandyfit workout! I'm Ready For STAGE! ❤️💯💃💋🎥
RT @itjegan: Private banks are ready to lift Banknifty along with PSU Banks and Nifty is expected to…
RT @WSHHVlDS: March is almost over. Only 2 months away from Summer days, cookouts & fine sights... I'm ready.
RT @mbmoeller1: I'm so ready for summer
RT @DigiTour: ONLY 2 WEEKS UNTIL DIGITOUR SPRING!! ARE YOUR READY?? Because @iamtylerbrownn is 😏😏😏 Get Tickets & Info here -->…
RT @realDonaldTrump: The Republican House Freedom Caucus was able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. After so many bad years they were ready for a win!
RT @hbryant42: What a delivery....Curt Flood ready in CF, but not much action that day. Gibson struck out 17.
I be ready to go df off ma'am I'm trying to do better Lord you know I have been doing good but it's only a half a string left
Let me get my resume ready. 👌🏽😂🎧
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Admissions decisions come out this week and I am so not ready
RT @AllAbtPaige: ready for prom, graduation and move in day 😭
RT @Space_Station: Weekend robotics work to ready station for @Commercial_Crew vehicles sets up Thursday morning spacewalk.…
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