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Bible proof that true believers will know when the rapture is about to take... rapture will not take us true...
14. Rapture Commentary - A Testimony of Jesus Christ -
Besok katanya rapture mnurut "tetangga", jd siap2 yg tiba2 "menghilang" dan hanya pakaian yg tertinggal. Semoga aja ada video amatirnya, lol
"So all those religious folks are saying the rapture and jesus' return is tomorrow ok guess ill die"
The Rapture dream is over, and in waking, I am reborn.
@shit_reviews The believe₨ of the rapture supposed 2 ㏊ppen on 23rd wiᄔ forget t㏊t it flopped j㎲t like everyother dᅇ㎳…
@LoveOfTruth10 @RaptureReadyWeb The pre tribulation "rapture" is a lie Christ said the resurrection is at the last day! John 6:39,40,44,54
Gospel Movie Rapture in Peril #childrenofGod #Pray #Experience @IAmTonyWarrick @ItNoFtStHS…
RT @ULTweets: #ForteanFriday farewell | End of the world - Mysterious UK crop circle ‘is a sign Nibiru is COMING September 23’
@RBStudiosLDN @RedBullUK @_Polonis @Rapture_4D Everyone needs to watch my insta story to see this shit! Mud mud mud! 😵
As tomorrow is the drop-dead date of the Rapture (again), it's time to revisit my review of LEFT BEHIND:
✍🏾don't make jokes about the world ending tomorrow because you'll be lectured on the work.
Loving this Rapture weekend
#PaulMcCartney ♪Distractions (Demo) 🎼Away from all this jazz we could do anything at all #BeautifulDemo #Rapture
#NowPlaying #NP Donna Summer-This Time I Know Its For Real 📻
@RBStudiosLDN @RedBullUK Love to the dons @_Polonis @Rapture_4D for the whole project. LOVE TO EVERYWAN INVOLVED L…
Judson Almeida has volunteered to remain on earth after the Rapture; he will spend his time fighting the Anti-Christ.
You are angry at Fontaine, yes? Now you know the truth. You are his tool, brought back to Rapture to save him.
Solange always been more fire than Beyoncé. So was that Farrah girl and Kelly. Michele has always been ultra trash and a weirdo.
I know someone that will finally have time to try out his new TaylorMade driver after the rapture. #rapture2017
@rapture_steppe 好感度9!やった! 確かに使わなくなったね😅 僕も楽しいよ〜🤣 なんでもか〜考えておく! おぉw団子😄
@rapture_steppe や やきいも……?(困惑)
@rapture_steppe (そうだ…)