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VIEW price of Quiddler and special offer!!!Product Description : QuiddlerThe challenge of Quiddler is to arrange your entire hand into everyday words. In this fast-paced game, draw and discard in turn. Try to use those high point letters, but don't get caught with them uncombined. A bonus is given for the most words in each ro [Read More...] >> [Click to see price]

Played 11 Nimmt and Quiddler Jr with the kiddo today. On 11 Nimmt, he figured out the winning move on his own :)
*playing quiddler with the whole family* Me: "That's not a word." Aunt's BF: "Geeze you're right again. Your so smart... it's kinda gross."
Finally celebrating this guys 8th birthday with our first lunch 1 on 1. Playing #quiddler &…
@jiadarola They're still there, but I can't be. We'll still grab dinner and play some Quiddler or something, the nicotine patch of gaming
Well we have a few hours so we play some card game with the bartenders hahaha quiddler cool game…
Retweeted Drew Caldwell, MLA (@drewcaldwell): @AllSeniorsCare Seniors Games medal winners for #quiddler at...
My parents just called me because they are playing Quiddler and wanted to know if "wonk" is a word
How have non geographers coped without haz's quiddler ???
Me and the girls love this new card game Quiddler now
Quiddler and Quiddler Jr. - Game of the Week 15%off this week Quiddler is a delightful challenge for rookies and...
Germantown, WI never disappoints. Lots of Apothic Red, Quiddler, and Crash Bandicoot. Family friends = best friends. #sundayfunday
Set Enterprises Family Game 3-Pack Five Crowns SET & Quiddler – For Sale
planning activities for 6 hour flight: quiddler, books, snacks, and going from zero to fluent in spanish. #noproblemo
Quiddler Short Word Card Game Rules
Quiddler Short Word Card Game Rules
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Quiddler Short Word Card Game Rules