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Taking the digital approach to designing my pumpkin #halloween #imac #pixelmator
I liked a @YouTube video Pixelmator iPad Tutorial / iPhone / iOS
@pixelmator Does Pixelmator iOS have RGB curves or just a basic tonal curve?
[ブログ更新] らくがき 20160929_1 #pixelmator 「 into (Pixelmator) 」
@IAmDanBratt ….for instance, at one point, Pixelmator was opening PDF files until the developer fixed that.
RT @Luchkov: @Kremeniuk @wylsacom вот так и надо, не нужно на святую технику ставить ересь всякую. Pixelmator вам путь истинный покажет
@May_Sable pixelmatorって600円のやつ?
iPad用 有料アプリ 写真/ビデオ部門 第11位 Pixelmator PixelmatorforiPadは画像の作成、編集、洗練といった... #写真/ビデオ #アプリ
@pixelmator hello! would we see a windows version of pixelmator? I really want to ditch adobe :/
@HanabiTori No worries! The Pixelmator for Mac Help page – – has a lot of info about the app, which might, uh, help.
@pixelmator My bad. My trial ran out before I got a good look at it all so I'm trying to find out these smaller details 😂😅 Thank you!
@HanabiTori With patterns, it’s a little different – they aren’t a feature of Pixelmator, so there isn’t much I can really promise there.
@pixelmator vector support would be lovely! And typing on paths, and other cool text features.
@pixelmator what about pattern files? — I no longer have photoshop to convert, so it would be super useful to have cross-compatibility 😅
@HanabiTori Not in the near future, but they might make it in at some point – of course, vector file support would be needed first.
@pixelmator daarrnnn~ I have so many photoshop ones I want to convert over 😭 will these be added later? Almost all customs are PS format 😐
@HanabiTori Just ABR files at this time, others would need to be exported to compatible file formats first.
@SoftPony Kerning options are in the far right of the Tool Options bar, but you might have to make the document window bigger to see them.
@landofthesnakes Looks like you’ve set the Hue Jitter (bottom of the Brushes palette) to around 100%. Changing it back to 0% would fix this.
とりあえず一番の武器 Pixelmatorを使いこなしたい!! ってことでウドちゃんの背中を借りて色々練習!! #スマホでFF14AW
RT @tadokoro: ついにAdobe CS6の製品群が使えなくなってしまう。しばらくは、Affinity Designer、Pixelmator、Sketchで、どこまで凌げるか試してみるか…
RT @tadokoro: ついにAdobe CS6の製品群が使えなくなってしまう。しばらくは、Affinity Designer、Pixelmator、Sketchで、どこまで凌げるか試してみるか…
RT @elrui: Alguien con Mac que use Pixelmator?