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Feel bomb outside 💪🏽
ive been waitinf outside the girls phys ed office for 7 minutes and the teacher isnt here I JUST WANNA TAKE MY TEST
When you outside and she asks for a mirror selfie 😂😂😂
RT @BanggMichael: The cash me outside girl dresses like a Pasadena Mexican lol
RT @amightygirl: Looking for a birthday gift outside the limited+gendered range marketed to girls? Our blog ft. great ideas under $2…
RT @khaldaldossari: FBI broke into the residence of Khaled three days before he was arrested during a vacation outside the state..…
yeah yeah color outside the lines and tune on into the frequency ✨
RT @blingspice: 3. this lady deserves more attention than cash me outside
@CoachAlRoper mate United have won 13 titles. It's no coincidence lol. Gerrard was a great but he done his dirt outside the PL comp
RT @promptcentral: "You guys, don't be fooled by my Alpha. He's just cute on the outside. Let me be the one to warn you, okay? Save yo…
RT @CheriHonkala: It breaks my heart that tonight there are people sleeping outside while corporations count their profits and politicians look the other way.
RT @_Makada_: "Tolerant liberals" violently attack Trump supporters outside of the #Oscars
If I could sit outside and do my homework every day, I definitely wouldn't complain as much
RT @abcdedine: di pa daw nakakaget over kay marco samantalang nun nasa outside world nilalayag mo ang kisswhat ano wala k n bang bala kaya si marco na nmn?
Wish it was 80 degrees outside again! 😩
RT @byjoelanderson: “This outrage obscures other important issues.” Shut up, do some push-ups & get outside so you can be mad about as many things as necessary
RT @Caspar_Lee: I'm going to stand outside so if someone asks tell them I'm outstanding.
This foo almost got arrested, saw him outside afterwards.
Allah knows how much I missed hearing the Adhan on roads outside alhamdulilaah for this blessing
@BarrtStarr i'll be honest I haven't watched much outside of the top six or seven wide receivers.
@Deyshaaaa_ inside is wayyy better . That's when you wear whatever you want. Outside it all matters on the temp outside
RT @Rosie: Rosie O’Donnell Is Leading a Protest Against Trump Outside the White House via @TheCut