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VIEW price of Once and special offer!!!Product Description : OnceA serendipitous meeting on the streets of Dublin between a down on his luck Irish street performer and a poor Czech immigrant sparks a bond that plays out in this hip modern day music film. ONCE follows the two as they write rehearse and record the songs that reveal their unique love story.System Requirements:Run time: 86 minutesFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre:DRAMA/LOVE & ROMANCE Rating:R UPC:024543477594 Manufacturer No:2247759Winner of the World Audience Award at Sundance, Once starts out as a small-scale romance, like Before Sunrise, before arriving somewhere unexpected. An Irish busker meets a Czech flower seller while singing on the streets of Dublin. She likes what she hears and lets him know. Turns out she's a mus [Read More...] >> [Click to see price]

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EPA nominee once helped chemical industry, lobbyists - #TCOT #conservative
RT @ESLRainbowSix: .@Yung_R6 steps up once again! #R6PL
RT @Lawrence: They all got it right. For once.
RT @SenSanders: Let's demand that, just for once, Republicans listen to the American people and not their campaign contributors.
RT @CNN: The Australian refugee deal that Donald Trump once derided as "stupid" and "horrible" is going ahead
@Steph_oliva @sarahhenning_ @ac_edwardd @EscapeHalloween For once I’m going to agree with steph...
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@_butwhowasfone Other than that aesthetic clash, which I do like looking at in art. 👀 But once you've seen it once…
RT @SunApology: It'd appear The Sun has once again paid real money to James Delingpole to talk about climate change. The same James…
RT @Andyistoofunny: Once I pay my credit cards off, I’ll be closer to being a Sugar Daddy
RT @TheWorldStories: Date someone who is a home and an adventure all at once.
You and I, nothing and everything, all at once and never #WednesdayWisdom
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RT @aardvarsk: my dad once said "do what you hate first thing in the morning to get it out of the way" then 2 mos later called me on my birthday at 6am
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RT @aardvarsk: my dad once said "do what you hate first thing in the morning to get it out of the way" then 2 mos later called me on my birthday at 6am
RT @internxt_io: Internxt's roadmap coming soon after the crowdsale closes, once we know exactly with how much funds we count to develop Internxt! 🚀