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VIEW price of Nikki and special offer!!!Product Description : NikkiAlbum DescriptionSixteen-year-old Nikki Yanofsky is poised to break out as one of the year's most-exciting new artists with her self-titled CD Nikki. The press has hailed Yanofsky as a "young Ella Fitzgerald"--from jazz to originals, she is among the most unique vocalists in recent time. She has been captivating audiences from jazz festivals around the world and most recently appeared at the 2010 Winter Olympics. Her song "I Believe" has sold 4x platinum in Canada, garnering the highest first week of any Canadian artist in Soundscan history. Nikki is produced by 15-time Grammy?-winning producer Phil Ramone and Grammy? winning songwriter / producer Jesse Harris . "For Another Day" is the focus track and will be worked at AAA radio in the com [Read More...] >> [Click to see price]

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