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It's a quarter after one, I'm all alone and I need you now
@GarryCarmody They can't write the season off just now, 3 wins gets you the Scottish Cup for a start. We need to act quickly though
Not going to focus on you anymore. I'm going to focus on my friends who have never let me down 💜! Don't need a man right now anyway ✌🏼
@DavidLeyonhjelm Yeah. You can never have too much CO2. Just ask Venus. We really need to start now avoiding the tipping point @vanOnselenP
@Meksaka where are you now I need you babe
@POTUS what the fk are YOU going to do about it.... you have now heard ALL that you need to know..... this is a HELLISH place... CUT em OFF!
RT @TheBest_America: You don’t need permission to: be happy, play, enjoy life, be at peace, laugh, be kind, smile.. Simply choose to do it NOW.
@SiphoMosotho He ndoda, ngubani umlungu? Ukubana awufuni ukuthetha vala umlomo wakho. Suku bhanxa apha. Need to unfollow you now.
Have you heard ‘You Need Worry Now’ by At94 on #SoundCloud? #np
When you need someone right now pero lahat sila may ginagawa. 😌
RT @zlando: Muslims told us: You need to learn about Islam to understand. We did, and now, we do! #DrainTheSwamp
RT @MrMindMiracle: Sometimes you need to remind yourself that you are already on the magic flying carpet. Now you just need to land s…
I have medication waiting for me in the UK @easyJet @easyJet_press which I have to start injecting today; you need to get this to me now.
RT @Ramadan_imad: I'm here now habibti you don't need to wait any longer
@BBCNews Now you have no need for an expensive Washington operation will you be reducing the licence fee?
RT @xian_ria: They ignore you now but they will need you later, thats life. #DestinedToBeYoursIn2Days
RT @zlando: Muslims told us: You need to learn about Islam to understand. We did, and now, we do! #DrainTheSwamp
Piga atake nanaman ako ning asthma ko ang hirap huminga:'(( where are you now that I need you?😢😔
RT @Jas1Jim: @kezdugdale my God Kez, all you need now is Nigel Farage sharing a stage with you and trying to give you a kiss on the cheek 🤔#shambles
"I always loved you, Will, whatever you did. And now I need you to do for me what I cannot do for myself."