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VIEW price of My Soul and special offer!!!Product Description : My SoulAlbum DescriptionFrom the very first track on her 2005 debut album Leela James has captured the gritty, emotion-drenched essence of artists like Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Mavis Staples, Marvin Gaye and has made it her mission to bring it all back - pushing the music forward with a fresh, contemporary perspective that remains faithful to the music's deep and powerful roots. My Soul, set for release on May 25, 2010, marks Leela James' debut on Stax Records. The move to Stax - the legendary home of some of the greatest soul and R&B artists of the past half century - is a fitting destination for a vocalist who has committed herself to preserving the soul tradition. The new album comes on the heels of high praise from, th [Read More...] >> [Click to see price]

RT @bs_nyy: Lost my grandpa man that hurt my soul 👼🏽
RT @pawlaph: just take a moment to appreciate this beautiful soul. josh dun, thanks for blessing my life #joshappreciationday
For sale: my soul Price: deal w/ the devil Info: Below average quality, kinda shabby but not too old, would fit perfectly in hell
RT @_kariaaa: I no longer beat myself up over not being wanted even after I revealed my soul. I'm good enough for myself. I love myself.
RT @hausofriya: Even when she became emotional, & anyone who knows my sister knows what a gentle soul she is, they aggressively continued to terrorize her.
"upscale effort" tickled my soul 😭
RT @_HandsomeFella: Soul/vibe music is my go to
RT @girlswithtoys: Seeing BW in yellow makes my soul smile
No puedo superar mi AMOR por la ropa blanca y negra matching my soul
RT @evilbmcats: Overshadowed by ancient evil, my bones are black from sadness, my soul is cold as ice.
Pretty sure Jim Morrison is my soul mate and he's dead so there's that
My phone always dry. Don't b texting a soul
when will I get a full night sleep again. my soul is tired.
You must of made some kind of mistake I asked for death, but instead I'm awake The devil told me no room for cheats I thought I sold my soul
@PhichitS2 -e my soul, slippinaboutandlosingCONTROL driven to find the oath to SATISFACTION, filled with PASSION, lord i'm asking for a dire
he was looking extremely hot in this vlive bye my soul left my body
RT @Whos_your_ADDIE: nothing makes my soul ache quite like poorly-blended makeup, ya know?
RT @Sipho_Says: Look at this woman downloading my Niggas soul
This tweet resonates with my soul. 😭😭😭
RT @tacsanitchiban: Just point me to the area where I can rest my soul.
RT @ALSTON2008: When will god have mercy on my weak soul i am a weak weak man and I know this I am a weak man and I know this I am a weak man and I know
It was you that took my soul And threw it in the fire And tamed it in the rapture And filled me with desire
RT @vampirwvicio: It's taking its toll, deep in my soul... Now I've got to let go 😭💙 @ninadobrev #lynx