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I want to be active but i really lost my muse here and suddenly forget how to interact and make more friends hmmmmmmmmmm
@_a_muse Great question. We're on the very frontier of understanding mycorhizae and how they affect plants. So it's hard to answer fully.
RT @gryffindorchom: เมื่อคืนฝันถึงแมวมิวซ์ด้วย ถ้าฝันก่อนวันหวยออก คงได้เสี่ยงดวงแน่ๆ 555 @muse_np #แมวมิวซ์ #chulacuteboy…
I have steered clear of the 'Me Too' hashtag - I can't go through it. There is so much fucking abuse that women face every fucking day (1/n)
RT @Spacegirl1978: ...including a little comment from me in @globeandmail . Recommended music today: Neutron star collision from Muse.
RT @BIGMONEYMIKE6: @LuminousStocks hehehe my bank account looks like an phone number
RT @N14Yrk: 2017年10月24日(火) OSAKA MUSE 〜MINAMI WHEEL EDITION~ Anna / ●優利香 (20:15〜)/山口 穂乃佳 / こうやまももこ / 雛 18:00open 18:30start 前売2300円当日2800円 ミナホパス持参で特典あり
@bhootbabe I feel like I miss a lot because I am not Christian (or specifically) Catholic, but I love so many of th…
RT @keithboykin: If all lives mattered, we'd be talking about the 300 people killed in the terror attack in Mogadishu, Somalia.
RT @ModelViews: 🗽 Hey it’s #MuseMonday 🙌🏼 ⚜️ZANDER⚜️ MUSE @zanderactor 💙 Who inspires you? @MrPeaksNValleys @Ktmr_W @ddlwood73
@simhae_u 쪼아요!
@Muse_Eungyo 부끄러워요? 그냥, 사실이라. 멋있기도 하고, 웃을 때 귀엽기도 하고. 계속 청소 해준다는 것도 귀엽고.
RT @kimvanadium: taekook au where they are both aspiring photographers looking for their muse when they bump into each other
RT @GirlPosts: my when i realize october is already halfway over and i haven't taken advantage of all the spooky opportunities the…
RT @MrPeaksNValleys: via @ModelViews: 🗽 Hey it’s #MuseMonday 🙌🏼 🌟JENNINGS🌟 @JenningsBrower SuperMAN. Muse. 💪🏻 Who inspires you? cc:…
Project MUSE - Poetry in the Age of Mass Incarceration
RT @miepom118: ♦️関西ライブ♦️ 関西のみなさん!!いよいよ関西ライブせまってきましたー!!ご予約しないと損だよ!ギリギリまで受付中! ■10/18 Wed. @大阪江坂MUSE m!epom 21:25〜50予定 ※ソナーユーライブ ツ…
RT @urbandoll: RT TO WIN: Makeup Shack, MUSE palette 🖤 must be following me to win
@Acosta Did you seriously just muse about Truth? Stop being biased about every Friggen thing. Then speak to TRUTH!…
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@WickedBasilisk 🍦Thanks luv. My muse is just... bleh.