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VIEW price of Mothership and special offer!!!Product Description : Mothership For years, as playlists and multidisc players put Led Zeppelin tracks into a mix, there was a perpetual need to adjust the volume when Zep came on. Their tunes languished in the haze of substandard remastering--until now, at least for the 24 tracks on Mothership and the final fullness of the new Song Remains the Same reissue. For its part, Mothership's crisper, warmer audio owes its heft to the troika of Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones, who helped oversee the mastering, bringing out untold shades even in the throes of "Heartbreaker" and the sinews of "No Quarter." It's an impressive sonic leap. Where tinny high-ends and muffled lows used to co-exist, fatter and louder depths prevail. It's ever more astonishing that Zep got o [Read More...] >> [Click to see price]

RT @malviyamit: Led by the inspiring leadership of PM Narendra Modi, our diplomacy has acquired a new sheen. writes @devendrapatel70
My phones been @ 1% for the past hour on the charger but I can't stop listening to mothership
@xRyynn theres been ant problems here for a while now and the mothership has finally been destroyed
Vibe 1680 #NowPlaying From Motown to the Mothership! - Vibe 1680
No puede ser que Mothership esté tan increíble. Los amo mucho @DGDtheband 💙
Parliament - Mothership Connection (Star Child) - Live Houston 1976 via @YouTube
RT @breaduck: @breaduck @LapIante the tree that fell on our driveway was the fucking mothership holy shit
@Sci_Phile how does the time ship in timeless work? It appears to be able to travel through time & space as well as track the "mothership"
@breaduck @LapIante the tree that fell on our driveway was the fucking mothership holy shit
New Slap "Like Kids" By @NedsWorld &entire @THRAXXHOUSE camp is the definition Hip-Hop ain't dead.Just Spawned from A HubbaRock Mothership
. @logicalharmony is the mothership for the list! So thorough and even mentions when brands are vegan. V reliable a…
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If I order an Xbox Design Labs custom controller now, it would be ready by the time I get to the Redmond mothership in two weeks. Tempting..
RT @thefrostyfrost: Back to the mothership this evening, giving a talk on digital advertising to Cambridge students.…
Mothership has been out for a few weeks now and I'm still in awe of Tilian's voice 😍
Huge UFO Mothership Has Entered Our Solar System, Say Astronomers - Your News Wire
RT @PsmSanderson: New artwork for Mothership! Still time to pre-order the limited edition: #boardgames…
Sábado me apresento no Mothership D-edge😌🎼❣️ Quem quiser ir in-box me ;) Pic by @brianhaider
RT @SGnews: [Mothership] Using a 3D-printed air-pistol in S’pore is not only illegal, it can be punishable by death #SGnews
RT @SteveAngelloMex: Now playing: Scott Grooves, Parliament, Funkadelic - Mothership Reconnection (Daft Punk Remix)