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bapak say : kuliner aja… (w/ lulahafisahr & Tengku at RM. Tahu Sumedang | Jalan Raya Balikpapan-Samarinda KM.50) —
RT @GraysonDolan: BUT, it's all happening soon so I guess all that I can do at the moment is be excited
👵🏻 ★ The Age of Adaline (with Dimas at Kostantin) —
RT @okokesha: Ok but do y'all remember this iconic moment? #7YearsOfVictorious
GWS anak mamak 😢 (at RSIA Hermina Depok) —
Enjoy my perfect morning.. Happy Holiday ☺️ [pic] —
Karena berenang ga harus di laut #ngeles 🐖🐖🐖 (with Sedut and Diga at Kirana Sport Center) [pic] —
@HauntingEvil_ "I missed you." She hugged him tighter, before her Titans communicator suddenly went off, ruining the moment.
I'm appreciative of every moment we see the undertaker cause his wrestling days are becoming short! I love the legend
RT @DanielsOfficer: Please take a moment out of your day to honor officer Justin Terney who lost his life last night at the age of 22.…
He was dead the moment he showed up at the park. Something's really fishy here. Hmmm ... #Taken
RT @sam_amick: Dramatic moment w/ LeBron: takes a hit under the basket, walks slowly toward sideline, falls to his knees, rolls over. Being tended to.
trus adik adiknya ini mau dikemanain? dibikinin X-MEN Junior gitu 😅 ★ Logan —
RT @KiefLyOfficial_: Love begins in a moment,grows over time & lasts an eternity. Happy 11th, KiefLy. Stay happy & inlove, gotchu. God B…
That moment when Roman said "This is my house." It reminds you of that one person you miss the most..
RT @dankdena_: I miss being held soooo tight, like everything was just perfect in THAT moment.
RT @TwBookClub: BOOK OF THE DAY March 27 Only $2.99: "...never a dull moment." - OBC reviewer #Political…
RT @maryp_elizabeth: one of the most bittersweet feelings has to be when you realize how much you're going to miss a moment while you're still living it
RT @diyclassics: Fave Latin palindrome at the moment— mutatum, a word that means something has changed, but when reversed stays exactly the same.
RT @lucasammr: You can actually listen to the Bernabeu clapping for Ronaldinho. Unique moment.