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VIEW price of Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition and special offer!!!Product Description : Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition ReviewMicrosoft Windows 98 has quickly become the standard operating system for the vast majority of personal computer owners. If you're thinking about upgrading from Windows 95, or adding Windows 98 on to a multi-OS platform, you'll get a comfortable, fairly intuitive graphical user interface, with point-and-click simplicity. The biggest feature of Windows 98 is its deep Internet integration. The Internet Explorer browser bundled with Windows 98 pops up constantly, inviting you to connect to the Internet and surf the Web quickly and easily. All the plug-ins you need are supported, and for folks who don't want a high level of under-the-hood control of their OS and Internet software, the stability of the combo can't be beat. In fact, dieh [Read More...] >> [Click to see price]

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