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VIEW price of Mario Super Sluggers and special offer!!!Product Description : Mario Super Sluggers"Mario Super Sluggers" encourages both active and social play with the motion-sensing technology of the Wii Remote and a variety four-player mini games, getting families off the couch and into the game no matter what their experience level. With two playe [Read More...] >> [Click to see price]

I remember once I had to fast for an entire day and drink nothing but Gatorade to prepare for some surgery... fully…
If I would've gotten Super Mario Strikers Charged instead of Super Mario Sluggers then Strikers would've had Slugge…
Mario Super Sluggers Ending [Best possible Quality] @YouTubeより なにこのツンデレ、! すこ
Mario Kart.....but Mario Super Sluggers is HIGHLY underrated
The Greatest Baseball Player of All Time | Mario Super Sluggers-Part 6 (Finale)
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Mario Super Sluggers [2/2] | SuperMega
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Mario Super Sluggers [1/2] | SuperMega
I liked a @YouTube video Christmas Fold - Mario Super Sluggers (Peach Ice Garden)
Why did I actually laugh. Stadium - Bowser Jr Playroom - Mario Super Sluggers Music:
You know if Nintendo announced Mario Super Sluggers, Mario Strikers, or Mario Basketball For Switch (they had bask…
@MarshyMe11o Mario Super Sluggers on Wii, the objectively best baseball experience in the history of mankind
@NathanielBandy1 @NintendoAmerica We need a sequel to Mario Super Sluggers!!
@NathanielBandy1 @NintendoAmerica Or maybe another Mario super sluggers? I wanna see another bada** Luigi moment.
@PDaisy_Games I Chose Mario Super Sluggers
@BannerCarlow where the fuck is Mario Super Sluggers
@NintendoAmerica Super mario sluggers owo
@NintendoAmerica Mario Super Sluggers had a story mode?
@LoloisaRatalara @NintendoAmerica I still to this day play through the story mode of Mario Super Sluggers. Somethin…
so glad they're bringing back story mode for the next mario tennis! assuming it also has character creation/progre…
@NintendoAmerica Thanks Nintendo for making a great Mario Tennis game again😍 I will definitely pre order and play o…
@NintendoAmerica Is this Super Mario Sluggers: The SEQUEL? With Tennis?
@NintendoAmerica Super Mario sluggers sequel please