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@Guerrilla i want killzone 2 back please 😭 if do that you will be legend , can't imagine killzone 2 and horizon zero dawn 😭😭😭 OMG
@Lndcalling @Vinkorn11 @rianru Геббельс нервно курит в сторонке
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Could have been just an accident
@headstonecapone I'm surprised I never hear anyone talk about killzone
..of unplayed games. Plus I like the Killzone universe. Oh how have I missed a frantic FPS!
Started playing Killzone 2. Got Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 but play those for a quick multiplayer fix. Just want to go through my pile..
@SuperNerdCow I don't know why Sony keeps up with guerilla at this point. five shitty killzone games and an uncanny valley simulator
@thi1teen стреляют с упреждением, прям прососианалы
RT @CODEsports_News: ICYMI: Here is a look at the Groups, for #CWLDallas! Which one catches your eyes?! 👀
If anyone remembers the last battle on killzone 2...HZD final battle will piss u off just as bad on hard mode..#justragequit
PlayStation 4 Killzone Launch Day Bundle #videogames
PlayStation 4 Killzone Launch Day Bundle #videogames
É o #DiaDaMulherNoEiGames 🌵O sucesso do Horizon Zero Dawn será o fim de KillZone?🌵GO OVER BIG!!!🌵...
Horizon: Zero Dawn makes up for how full of shit Killzone 2's final boss was. I accept your apology, Guerrilla Games.
@Guerrilla I played Killzone 3 & Shadow Fall, Horizon Zero Dawn is a beautiful, elegant, and awesome game. Congratulations & THANK YOU!!!
Do u play FPS? Let's play Battlefield or Killzone SF with me!
KILLZONE SHADOW FALLの情報を更新しました。サイト内上部タブメニューからご覧ください。
@freakykombat 「Switchでkillzone旧作程度の手軽なFPSをやってもらってFPSというジャンルに興味を持ってもらい、よ..「デザイナー松浦 聖氏「ゼルダの為だけにスイッチ買うのも」「とりあえず実況動画..」