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the taxi journey has begun where my dad tells the driver that we're here for jedward n we travel all over Ireland to see them😂😂 everytime
RT @myfriend_bella: When you are working from home! #dogs #travel #tourism #adventure #journey #America…
RT @Chunkz_EN: train journey tomorrow gonna be cold.. Stormzy and NAV tyvm <3
RT @gguutt2014666: "@Fatima_ZE: “Journey Trough a Dream by Gabor Dvornik - #photo #art #artwit #fineart #nature”: Ne güzel!💖 #picsher"
RT @GEEEJAYELL: Start of journey for weekend in Edinburgh (@ Southampton Airport Parkway Railway Station (SOA))
#NYC #News Woman says farewell to mother at Brooklyn funeral after waiting five months for medical examiner ...
"Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and enjoy the journey." ~ Babs Hoffman #travel #wanderlust #quote #tourism
RT @AishaLiyana: We are all in this journey together. Let's empower each other 💪🏻
RT @ChiIIVlbes: Life is a journey, don't be in such a hurry
RT @karanjohar: What a journey it's been for @RajkumarHirani ...truly the finest filmmaker of our times!!! Relevant...and the best…
This Supercut of Every Oscar Winner for Visual Effects Is a Gorgeous Journey Through Film History…
RT @iesedgdw: "Why do I do this? Because old systems don't work" @rodneyschwartz takes us thru @ClearlySo journey #impinv…
RT @jasonbskates: Had a blast blogging for @icenetwork from Korea at the Olympic Test event last week! Full blog up at…
RT @FitnessHstle: Don't judge my path if you haven't walked my journey.
@alexs_journey Totoally awful news. Praying some resolution can be found. I will sign anything or do anything to help. Love to Alex & all.
And if that wasn't enough, the hippie free-loader might get NAMASTE shouted at her😂:
RT @suneethap93: @ColorsTV @VivianDsena01 interested in #Only# Only. This is journey of saumya. Tired of preeto and surbhi. They are spoiling the show
@alexs_journey Can you appeal? Can the hospital not help? Fingers crossed for you.
RT @CorkyTheCheetah: Safe journey to all our brilliant fans travelling to @FinnHarpsFC v. @CorkCityFC today. Make it a worthy season opener #CCFC84
RT @Tammysdragonfly: GRIPPING #WOMENSFICTION @TStewartShiu PLEASE HOLD Cutthroat Journey As High-Level Exec #IAN1