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VIEW price of Interview with the Vampire and special offer!!!Product Description : Interview with the VampireThe selfishly evil vampire Lestat , seduces Louis into a life of immortality, where he is troubled by the need to kill to maintain his own life. He confesses his 200 year erotic and bloody adventure to an unbelieving journalist.Genre: Feature Film-Action/AdventureRating: RRelease Date: 3-FEB-2004Media Type: DVD essential videoWhen it was announced that Tom Cruise would play the vampire Lestat in this adaptation of Anne Rice's bestselling novel, even Rice chimed in with a highly publicized objection. The author wisely and justifiably recanted her negative opinion when she saw Cruise's excellent performance, which perceptively addresses the pain and chronic melancholy that plagues anyone cursed with immortal bloodlust. Brad Pitt and Kirsten D [Read More...] >> [Click to see price]

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