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VIEW price of Incredible and special offer!!!Product Description : IncredibleOn this follow-up to their groundbreaking debut, Thankful, Mary Mary continue their crusade to hip a new generation to the Gospel. Their gift for making the Word accessible to the masses has something to do with their secular R&B sound . But there's a great deal more to these sisters than their ability to sound like Whitney or Mary J. Erica and Tina's phenomenally powerful voices are served and met admirably by their writing skills--resulting in some highly inspired yet street-credible material. "Give It Up Let It Go" has elements of funk . "He Said" takes youth culture's apathetic "wherever, whatever" attitude and flips it, soaring to unexpected heights with the message that God will always be there for you, wherever you are and whatever h [Read More...] >> [Click to see price]

RT @Ms_Erika74: This makes my heart happy! Dallas crossing guard, WWII Vet gifted with incredible surprise on his 94th birthday!🇺🇸❤️
#Now Playing on kr8radio INCREDIBLE GOD by dee jones NEKEN's concert 2pm saturday @COCIN church Abattoir
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I work with and for some of the most incredible people. That is all.
RT @jeffeberle: MUST SEE: Incredible catch by Chaparral's Quinton Pfaff! @usd361 @Chaparral_FB @Roadrunner361 @roadrunnerpep…
Jessica Andrade butchered the #1 Strawweight in the world, the world didn't end & @FSUFootball tomorrow! Life is incredible. #UFCJapan
RT @oiso_xisx: Incredible precision of 1,700-yr-old painting technique (1,700년 전의 회화 기술의 놀라운 정밀도)
1 year since this masterpiece appeared, thanks for sharing your talent through your incredible music @ShawnMendes ❤…
i love lady gaga so much, i am honestly so grateful i was able to see her in concert this past month, it was incredible 💙
RT @Machinima: This Texas gaming museum looks incredible.
RT @monaeltahawy: Incredible how upset white supremacists like Trump get by #ColinKaepernick's kneeling to protest anti-Black violence. For them: flag > lives
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@ronniesramirez happy birthday izzy i hope you have an amazing day you incredible human being! you deserve so much good i love you 💞
To anyone who hasn't seen it yet, check out my bro @USO_Squad 's voice demo, it's so incredible:
RT @ABC: Ever wanted to swim with penguins? This incredible footage shows what it's like to dive with king penguins.…
@DurbinRock you are such an incredible singer, awesome show tonight 🎶🎉 @QUIETRIOT
I know it's really in the film but I still can't believe it. Truly incredible.
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RT @thesecret: You are the master builder of your life, and gratitude is your tool of trade to build the most incredible life.
My husband got me the most incredible gift ever! There are only 1000 of these replicas out there!…
The Incredible Power of Saving 50 Percent
RT @Todd_Spence: The photo University of Maine used to announce that Stephen King sold his first book is incredible
RT @JustaPack: 5 days hiking the incredible @CamiBonsHomes in Catalonia #Spain #lp @spain #travel
RT @Todd_Spence: The photo University of Maine used to announce that Stephen King sold his first book is incredible
@NiallOfficial Amazing,incredible and it so you.I am proud