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VIEW price of In & Out and special offer!!!Product Description : In & OutHigh school teacher Howard Brackett is outed by former student during the Oscars and does his frantic best to assert his manliness.Genre: Feature Film-ComedyRating: PG13Release Date: 9-AUG-2005Media Type: DVDWhen a Hollywood heartthrob "outs" his small-town high-school drama teacher Howard Brackett during the Oscar telecast, the entire town of Greenleaf, Indiana, wonders if Howard's really gay. More to the point, Howard wonders, too--quite a dilemma considering his pending marriage to Emily , who's patiently tolerated a three-year engagement. While a TV reporter covers the ensuing furor, screenwriter Paul Rudnick and director Frank Oz make good-natured humor their highest priority, turning the "crisis" of coming out into a laugh-out-lou [Read More...] >> [Click to see price]

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RT @nwlc: A man who has made a career out of opposing civil rights will be in charge of the civil rights office at HHS:
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ANNIHILATION - Time is running out for Mankind. / 12 Part Screenplay for Cable Miniseries
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RT @justinxwho: 👾 get over = ทำใจ mellow out = ใจเย็น she's a fox = ผญเซ็กซี่ dream on = ฝันลมๆแล้งๆ cheesy stuff = เรื่องน้ำเน่า hang in there = อดทนหน่อย
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#DearIndigenousStudent you are not obligated to come out as Indigenous in every academic space nor are you obligated to teach others
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