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RT @harrisonyoungpa: #Banking is hard, the business is hostage to an uncertain future #risk #corpgov
If someone with multiple personalities threatens to kill himself, is it considered a hostage situation?
RT @AlrightHey: I've filmed when I was held hostage, this one is a little more light hearted!! :) it'll be up in about 20 minutes x
Say Something ◇ Hostage MV อันนี้ทำดีมาก ต้องดู #THEK2
I've filmed when I was held hostage, this one is a little more light hearted!! :) it'll be up in about 20 minutes x
RT @jasondhovey: I get the Boycott. Jabba holding Leia hostage obviously depicts Trump holding Melania captive. And Jabba's hands are so tiny. #dumpstarwars
RT @FaZeHugZ: Had a dream a duck was holding me hostage, going back to bed
RT @Classic_picx: Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and British hostage Stuart Lockwood in 1990, they met again in 2004 while Hussein was…
Hostage taking ですか?(*'▽') 人質をとる行為は戦争犯罪にあたりますし、無条件に禁止ですからね(*'▽') 絶対にダメですよ?(*'▽') めっ(*'▽')
@BrentWPrice so if I ended up killing your children, who were held hostage, to kill the hostage taker, you have no problem with that, got it
@charnas08 @yo_ashleynicole OR...Eugene is taken hostage by #TheSaviours back to #TheSactuary, thanks to a "mishap" with the #LoneBullet! 😮
absolutely zero respect for anyone who would bodily defend a "right" to hold housing hostage thru outsourced violence as ppl freeze to death
RT @taltalasuka: 酸欠すごろく記念!新宿PePe前にて少しだけ歌うよ -iPhoneからキャス配信中 -
Pirates have taken a member of your crew (if any) hostage! Pay 400 Cur to get them back!
@SMTOWNGLOBAL Where is Johnny? Y'all holding him hostage I'm calling SWAT 😢😢
RT @LexxxiRoxanne: Were being held hostage at Mcdonalds 😭😂
Forget making a better, more intuitive, more complete music streaming app. We're gonna hold all your little hip pop faves hostage.
@TMobileHelp So @UPS had been holding my new phone hostage for 4 days now. I paid for 3 day shipping, how do I get reimbursed?
#MostRead Vogue 32DD blonde model ‘held hostage by jealous boyfriend’.
RT @frankgaffney: 'O abandoned Sudan’s helpless civilians & played footsie w/ Islamists' Cue Trump. He can do better.
RT @0530Riri: 緊急募集!!!! 撮影の授業で、小学生が映るシーンがあって、いま、小学生を探しています。 知り合いとか親戚に、小学2〜4年生くらいの男女を探しています。 心当たりある方は、連絡くださいーー!!!🙏🙏💦👍🏻
RT @FaithReeI: When This Dad Gets Taken Hostage By His Baby The Results Are Hilarious. click>>
Leway wants to hold me hostage, ngefestive nogal!
That vid of a Kangaroo holding a dog hostage till it owner came to the rescue is still a shocker.
You will be held hostage by a radical group.