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VIEW price of Here I Am and special offer!!!Product Description : Here I AmAlbum DescriptionAn original member of Commissioned, Marvin Sapp is one of Gospel music's most recognizable voices to date. In 2007, his fourth solo release Thirsty became a Gold Certified success, spurred on by the history-making lead single "Never Would Have Made It". "Never Would Have Made It" was named the longest running #1 single at radio across all genres, spending more than 40 weeks in the top spot. Marvin's new release Here I Am is a live recording that showcases the raw vocal abilities of the "pastor who sings". The first single, "The Best In Me", is already being hailed as an inspirational classic.Album Description2010 release from the Gospel great. An original member of Commissioned, Marvin Sapp is one of Gospel music's most [Read More...] >> [Click to see price]

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