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VIEW price of Help! and special offer!!!Product Description : Help!The Beatles followed up their debut film A HARD DAY'S NIGHT with this fanciful spy spoof. When Ringo adds a new ring to his collection he's unaware of how important and dangerous this piece of jewelry is. On one hand a religious cult considers it a sacred object and the wearer must become a sacrifice to their gods. On the other hand the ring has magical abilities that hold the key to supreme power. Soon the boys from Liverpool are engaged in a slapstick and madcap chase round the world as a crazed scientist a pack of crooks and several religious fanatics set out to capture the band. Watch for the English Channel swimmer who seems to be perpetually lost and appears in nearly every location. Includes Beatles' hits including "Help!" "Ticket To [Read More...] >> [Click to see price]

Liquor don’t help for the feelings I felt.
RT @3mptysoull: When you have a good heart: You help too much. You trust too much. You give too much. You love too much & it always seems you hurt the most.
I’m sorry, did I say anything about the 90s? I’d check for myself, but I’m an idiotic new millennial who needs a gr…
RT @JSavoly: At Florida Nursing Home, Many Calls for Help, but None That Made a Difference #TheResistance
RT @MerseyPolice: MISSING: Please help us find Adam Traverse, 15, from St Helens. Last seen on 16 September. Pls RT.…
Your uncharacteristic stubbornness may help you convince other... More for Pisces
RT @JustinMcElroy: Take a moment today to help rebuild Puerto Rico. I’m following the lead of @Lin_Manuel supporting @HispanicFed:
Farmer Smurf: Needs help harvesting his crop fields. Large glass of smurfy beet juice as reward. #SmurfsVillage @SmurfsGames
RT @policemonitor: We are going to court to challenge refusal by police to say how many anti-fracking campaigners targeted by #Prevent…
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RT @Pontifex: Let us work together to find concrete solutions to help the poor, refugees, victims of modern forms of slavery, in order to promote peace.
RT @chelseahandler: Randy Bryce @IronStache is running against @SpeakerRyan and he needs our help. @marycmccormack @AlyssaMastro44…
RT @ricky_martin: My people are in need. Please help me
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RT @X_Sticks_Real: Help make it happen for Catalonia Referendum Scottish Observer Delegation #indiegogo via @indiegogo
RT @Jess63485217: At the lack of help and communication from such a large event which I've going to for years!
Your uncharacteristic stubbornness may help you convince other... More for Pisces
‘If anyone can hear us … help.’ Puerto Rico’s mayors describe widespread devastation from Hurricane Maria
Help!!! ( ´Д`) I need backup!Battle ID: B4218DA0 Lvl 60 Yggdrasil Omega
RT @catgirl321: 🆘TOM needs our help NOW🆘 Killing starts 12:00EST 9/23 #RT #PLEDGE #FOSTER #ADOPT #NYC #cats #kittens RT✅ RT@ngremmy
@Matiullahjan919 May Allah help you..aap ny hath b tu thek rakha hva ha tu ya tu ho ga aap k sath sir
RT @LarryLNichols: The popular quote "GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES" isn't actually from the Bible & GOD offers HIS Love, Salvation, Grace & HELP to ALL!