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Autocorrect is devil in incompetent hands & hurried mind
Idle hands are the devil's plaything.
@Cernovich @pycherry @amazonbooks Shake Hands With the Devil (about Rwanda) mentions the same thing
Last night, London rocking with a sea of devil hands 🤘🏼 @Nickelback #NBLondon #greatestrockband
RT @GeneralGrave: Devil's Plaything in my Hands.. 😈@footlover01 😈 Do you wanna touch Flames? ,🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @DevoseSecret Girl Slave…
I like this girl! The devil's work is done by idle hands.
RT @pettyperrie: perrie is a caucasian and caucasians are golddigging liars we cannot trust them protect zayn from the white devil and her money hungry hands
@MattYocum idle hands are the tools of the Devil. As is our show.
That guy's got hands of the devil 😍
Too much Devil shit on snapchat right now. Yall go ahead and play w the black eye, goat horn & red hands grabbin u filters lol #NotMYJob 🙏🏾