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VIEW price of Greatest and special offer!!!Product Description : GreatestWhile English pop monarchs Duran Duran have remained active for two decades, it's clear that the indomitable ensemble was at its peak during those mercurial '80s. This greatest-hits collection documents the band's ambitious beginnings as a funky glam-rock outfit and follows its gradual transformation into a high-tech pop band with loads of commercial appeal. Featuring now-classic tunes like "Girls on Film," "Rio," and "Planet Earth" as well as more recent songs like "Ordinary World," Greatest focuses on Duran Duran's unending string of hit singles. Although the young quintet that performs "Hungry Like the Wolf" and "A View to a Kill" has little in common with the posh, aging trio featured on 1997's "Electric Barbarella," vocalist Simon Le B [Read More...] >> [Click to see price]

RT @TheTweetwit: #UnnecessaryConfessions Donald Trump: "I will be America's greatest embarrassment and most corrupt President."
Spartacus is and always will be the greatest show to grace television
God is great I mean really he is the greatest!
RT @FBForL: One of the greatest movies
RT @SopanDeb: The Greatest Franchise In Sports is in sole possession of first place in the East and the Cavs are straight imploding. Amazzzzzzingggg.
RT @iriswestallens: Did someone call for the greatest parallel?
RT @InjusticeGame: True Identity - witness what happens when the world's greatest hero falls from grace... #injustice2
RT @FballPosts: This might be the greatest college football hype video I've ever seen.
I've said it before and I'll say it again. The Lord of the Rings is the greatest film trilogy of all time.
Myself is my greatest enemy.
RT @FballPosts: This might be the greatest college football hype video I've ever seen.
only until next year when you get here🙂 thanks Mattie you're the greatest
RT @D_Joyce15: On everything I love. Disney if y'all mess up the greatest Disney movie of all time I'm coming down there with Drac…
RT @FloTrack: Outdoor track is here... Dogwood 2016, quite possibly the greatest H.S. 800 ever -- Hunter…
@jasonbskates This is the greatest team in the world!!🌏🇺🇸✨ Yeah, we are so excited, too!!😆✨ GOOD LUCK, JASON!!😋✌ せかいいちのチームですね! ワクワク!!o(^o^)o
greatest #hits 50'S to 90'S #pop #rock #np Kym Mazelle - Help Me Up
@BigWos @AminESPN if Spurs make the finals, does that take Tim out of the top 10-15 equation and pop as the greatest coach of all time?
@dylandelagarza my view while this was happening. Greatest concert ever.
RT @avanconia: The #MAGA @POTUS has snatched his GREATEST Victory yet! Just when we thought bipartisanship was irreconcilable!😒🤦‍…
RT @FballPosts: This might be the greatest college football hype video I've ever seen.
RT @SaraLessard: I have the greatest friends I love them
RT @ssavy00: had the greatest time at nationals with my favorite people 💗
@Acquired_Taste smfh the greatest pg draft we've had in years and all they do is win *just* enough to miss all the elite talent
- _ AsSalLaM O AlLaiKuM STarT A NEw DaY WiTH GreaTeST NaMe OF ALLAH..;* ReMeMBEr ME iN yOUr PraYErS....;* GoOoD MorninG...* WaQaR