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RT @Obey_Ellee: 10 Years Or 10 Days.. I Don't Fuck With Nobody Off How Long I Knew Them , If I Fuck With A Mf It's For A Reason. The Time Is Irrelevant鈥硷笍
@DirkZ1 @VelvetGoldmind1 @Trumpfan1995 And guess who they passed? The fucking clowns who did nothing but goof off i鈥
RT @AngeliccVirgo: Gone be ducked off with my baby building, growing & prospering all 2018 馃挵馃挄馃馃徏.
And that makes me really sad, but it also makes me really happy. Because each member of half sisters had a profound鈥
the game i planned is on its way to done and i can pick up my story from there, or goof off in ts2 until i can buy ts3 eps
Camila Cabello Literally gives fans the clothes off of her back while some artists don鈥檛 even appreciate their fans鈥
Don鈥檛 mind me while I dress to impress and then goof off at one of my favorite activities: swing dancing! This phot鈥
@foot_cutie @RTP1G Girl. PREACH. 馃檶 I鈥檝e given up. Twitter blows lately for any real subs. So now I just goof off an鈥
#jerrynadler is off the rails. #newyork shame on you for supporting this goof. #NYC
When you first start talkin to a nigga you so beautiful , with a nice personality and you鈥檙e his princess . When y鈥欌
RT @UpTheThunder: Russ dropped 41 points off the bench last year. It鈥檚 fine.
@Stana_Badd They choose the cats coming off the bench. And they get a certain group to pick from
I 馃憖 you out there banging heads... goof work off the edge chasing down QBs
When you first start talkin to a nigga you so beautiful , with a nice personality and you鈥檙e his princess . When y鈥欌
RT @DonnaLeanneGwin: (Borrowed photo)Next Time AN OVERPAID Under Achiever, BALL PLAYING GOOF TAKES A KNEE, I Pray THIS FLASHES IN FRONT鈥
@Professorbroman @SeaOfThieves I have been playing the alpha for some time now on the Xbox one and the PC alpha, I鈥
I wish this was a big class so I could goof off on my phone or something because we鈥檙e talking about the dark ages鈥
RT @BmoreDoc: Figure out HEALTHY ways of working. Get a standup desk. Workout regularly. Goof off regularly. Take mental healt鈥
@aereyyyy Aweee I鈥檓 sorry! Wish I was there so I can goof off with you 鈽癸笍鉂o笍
Lol I锔 remember @NottaNairNutta took lean and was off the xans lol this dude look like a goof ball
so y鈥檃ll know i came back to school a week early to literally goof off and so i can give myself enough settling tim鈥
Someone tell @POTUS that a government shutdown isn't like a snow day in elementary school. He doesnt get to watch鈥
@Quebaz23 @NozomiEnt The dub and the subs both goof up on the line a bit. The Japanese calls it a "radiant/shining鈥
@BPCKearney I donate because it's the responsible thing to do as a healthy person and I like the "goof off" $$$
Goof Off Heavy Duty Remover 鈥 Not So Permanent Marker