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VIEW price of Good News and special offer!!!Product Description : Good NewsMusical comedy about two college girls in love with the same guy, but for different reasons.Genre: MusicalsRating: NRRelease Date: 19-SEP-2000Media Type: DVDTait College football captain Tommy Marlowe is used to getting any girl he wants. When new coed Pat McClellan arrives on campus sporting racy fashions and pseudo-French phrases, he decides he wants her. But Pat only has eyes for men with millions, so Tommy enlists sweet Connie Lane , Pat's sorority sister who is working her way through Tait as an assistant librarian, to help him learn French. Tommy falls for down-to-Earth Connie, who falls for him right back, but his ego gets in the way when Pat does a turnabout and decides she does want him after all. Based on the Broadway play and [Read More...] >> [Click to see price]

RT @Panthers: #Panthers GM Dave Gettleman: “He’s the right guy for us.”
Good news! The results of the 2017 pronghorn and elk draw are now available for AZGFD customer portal account...
RT @JimSichko: Just because YOU don’t see a way - Doesn’t mean that God doesn’t have a way! That’s your GOOD NEWS for Monday!
@TheRobDyke At least you can cross those off the list. That is good news.
Something changed inside of me when I found out the news today (((in a good way though))))
RT @USARedOrchestra: A little good news is that after the failure of the GOP tax-cut-for-the-rich plan, VA, KS and GA are now all lookin…
RT @immigrant4trump: Good News! AntiFa Thugs Facing Felony Charges! #MagaMarch #Trump #Maga
Gimme some good news doc
When life shits on you then on of all days Monday blesses u with good news! (Career promotion)
RT @merrittk: good news, everyone who's ever edited, visited, or thought about the fire emblem wiki is going to jail
RT @adndotcom: There's a good chance of fresh snow for Anchorage on Tuesday
RT @TRCA_Monitoring: #LivingCityReport Good News: Fish biodiversity is increasing along the Toronto area waterfront.…
Last ones to leave are always the wrestlers. Good news for @JBrown4976
RT @graesinb: It’s all about the first person you wanna tell good news to
RT @ericmillikin: Good news/bad news. BAD: Left a browser window open 11 days. GOOD: It was my "Wolf Eyes or Richard Simmons" diploma…
Wooow what a good news😊
RT @emilyslist: A surge in candidate recruitment for Democratic women could be good news for 2018.
RT @USARedOrchestra: A little good news is that after the failure of the GOP tax-cut-for-the-rich plan, VA, KS and GA are now all lookin…
RT @LarrySchweikart: Good news: leople fleeing CA by the millions. Bad news: many going to AZ,CO, NV screwing them up. Build that wall!!
instead of good news keep getting bad.
RT @THR: .@Adele not sure if she'll tour again: “Touring isn’t something I’m good at—Applause makes me feel a bit vulnerable"