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VIEW price of Glory: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack and special offer!!!Product Description : Glory: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack essential recordingDirector Edward Zwick's 1989 tale of the first company of black soldiers in the Union Army during the Civil War captured America's abiding fascination with that great struggle. However, its most unsung player was composer James Horner, who created one of his most grand and memorable scores. So memorable, in fact, that some of its rich cures have been recycled by other filmmakers and Horner himself. More than any other single work, it's Glory that's responsible for Horner's remarkable rise to the top of his profession in the '90s. --Jerry McCulley Director Ed Zwick's stirring, tragic Civil War epic inspires a gorgeous, deeply moving score from James Horner, who mirrors the story's bitter ironies and ultimate outcom [Read More...] >> [Click to see price]

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