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[PIC] 170217 latoseoul_fly IG Update with Heechul @ Hotel Inter-Burgo (Exco)
a Jet so i can hire someone to fly it fullspeed and run me over with it
@kimtaeforehead fly with me! Hahaha I'm going :) (too impatient to wait for the Malaysia one)
One thing, did I mention? 🎵🎵
Who wants to fly/drive with me to see @TheDrewLynch in Iowa next month?!
RT @jb3ats1hm: @djlackswag @HoltStairs y'all should fly me up there for the weekend so I can smoke some top shelf with y'all and make beats 🔥🔥
Book excerpt on video? Check out “Jina’s Book Chat” excerpt Come Fly with Me fr Happily Ever Alpha boxset…
RT @amoryugyeom: me: i only listen to songs with meaningful lyrics! got7: hey yah we just go wide wild hey yah we so fly fly hey yah…
@djlackswag @HoltStairs y'all should fly me up there for the weekend so I can smoke some top shelf with y'all and make beats 🔥🔥
today the girl beside me on the plane had a puppy with her and WOW I want her to fly with me on all planes
I love people like me who are waiting for a racist white person to act up in public so I can fly across the room with "I THINK THE FUCK NOT"
@siouxspitfire man that shit don't fly with me
:'( It was an honor to fly home with this PATRIOT! God bless his wife and family. There was not a dry eye around me.
@dirtydirtycrmes hands are being thrown I am ready to fly out to California who is with me
RT @jennyperoy: "Forrest, pray with me. Dear God, make me a bird so I can fly far, far away from here."
I filled out the survey but then I realized that shit would prolly get me put on a no fly list with my visa revoked.
RT @islamlie2: UK: Muslim found with pipe bomb in luggage was allowed to fly again days later
You write text with emoticons, then you send to me. it means, you make me fly high and smiling like an idiot. ♥
A warm Santa Ana rustled the jacaranda's branches, showering Kate with purple blossoms. COME FLY WITH ME #AmazonUK
Ready to FLY with these fabulous wing women all weekend! I'll be sharing LIVE snippets on IG + FB/themarlyQ so...
RT @_shannon_price: I wonder when I'll be able to sit at lunch and not have random pieces of food fly past me lmfao tf is this Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs
RT @jeffgeorgemusic: You don't need a ticket to fly with me.. I'm free...🤘🏻⚡️🎸❤
No way I would fly in one but I can see where the skies of the future will be littered with them.