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The nicest thing I can say about playing fighting games with @jbu3 is that she forces me to get better on the fly.
Cessna CT182T Skylane Turbo with G1000 PFD/MFDs. FSX and ORBX Scenery. Lake Tahoe, CA. "Come fly with me!"
@dublabes with another fly mixxxxx... this takes me back to kindergarten--- black music used to be so positive!
We dropped new lyric video "FLY WITH ME". GO WATCH
Our very own exercise physiologist Patty taking us through a Rear delt fly! If your struggling with the...
The Total Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017 - fly along with the shadow!
i need a fly outfit to rock for a photo that i can caption with drake lyrics that alienates ppl that love me but i secretly resent
When are we going to start to see some Heads Roll! It seems to me the authorities are Locked and Loaded with eviden…
Who wants to fly with me... I'm ready to take my flight😅😅😅
RT @shvrr: i be trying to figure out why girls i've never said two words to be having a whole opinion and issue with me
"fly with me" could be a great opener tbh
MJ Fantasy Fly Away With Me Part 2 via @YouTube
Jars of Clay- I'll Fly Away- with lyrics
RT @pangeran_lautan: I want time to fly with you, I want time to pass me by with you or maybe I want time to stop with you.
Feel my heat takin' you higher, burn with me, Heaven's on fire Paint the sky with desire, angel fly, Heaven's on fire
I'm tryna get @aanavee to fly me out to wherever she is I just want 24hrs to spend with you that's all not too much time.
@Carianaaaa 😂 you should be grateful the time will fly by! You'll look up and be married with kids like me!
This dude under 6ft tall and under 200 pounds trying to throw hands with me 😂😂😂😂😂 sit your fly weight ass down.
Say it with me Maxine, #DonaldTrump is my President! All the Spinning in the World will NOT change the outcome of t…
If you fly with me, you'll never have to walk anywhere or scale any waterfall cliff face. I need just 10 feet. #Xbox