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RT @betsybookworm: "it's far easier for me to change my language than it is for people to live in a society where they're systematically excluded" #alterconf
RT @V_of_Europe: Nearly 2,800 migrants have arrived in Greece so far this month
RT @bugusdiemon: Life just gettin started and I'm lovin every second so far
However, my first instinct is to believe the women. Nothing against Nouman Ali Khan, but seen far too many cases like this before.
RT @FluffSociety: "This is "Frida", she has saved 52 people so far in Mexico's Earthquake"
RT @DoubleEagle49: Ton of facts? So far the American people have seen no empirical or quantitive evidence to prove Russia influenced m…
"Kamusta na man im Tax?" a question which far from beyond my expectation. I was startled & melted afterwards.
RT @coreyspowell: The most energetic particles bombarding the Earth turn out to be visitors from far beyond our galaxy.…
RT @SpicyScrump: "Surely no one would side with North Korea right?" You underestimate the pundits on the far left. Look at…
RT @JoelOsteen: The enemy may look big, but one touch of God’s favor can turn it all around. God hasn’t brought you this far to leave you.
#DashBerlin I'm watching Dash's set @ #Ultra Singapore this year it's one of my favourites of the year so far 🎶🎧👏💪👏💪💙😀
“Your purpose on earth is far from worthless, that’s why we celebrate because our life has been purchased.
@MrNaughtyguy1 Fuck off very far away and die tho 😂
RT @ObiWanKanobi30: VIDEO: Judge Napolitano believes that if what we know so far is confirmed as true-Barack Hussein should be charged
RT @Jason_K_Dempsey: I'm behind a couple episodes, but so far this Ken Burns' documentary on Afghanistan is spot-on.
So close and yet so far from Corey Seager's jock strap.
@MegWochnick @Drock10Qb Darien Chase is by far one of the best WR out there! Such a talent!
RT @MichaelRLowry: The main development region of the Atlantic has been the 3rd warmest on record so far this hurricane season, only t…
@JaydaBF How many u got so far..7??
@somethingldsay @tiarrabanks1 @HEYYLT Way too far for me to just go to a bar....but I love Main Street at Christmas!
RT @TrapsForNyy: i need a getaway. fast, need to get far.
RT @markellislive: Had a dream I saw the first 40 min of The Last Jedi. So far: 0 lightsabers 0 porgs 1 Hall & Oates song
Tolong sedar diri far. Trial lagi few days jee 😭
RT @thereaIbanksy: This is "Frida", she has saved 52 people so far in Mexico's Earthquake