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VIEW price of Emma and special offer!!!Product Description : EmmaEMMA WOODHOUSE IS A WEALTHY YOUNG WOMAN WHO MEDDLES IN OTHER PEOPLE'S AFFAIRS AND PLAYS MATCHMAKER. THE ONLY PROBLEM IS THAT SHE'S NOT VERY GOOD AT IT AND SHE MAKES A TANGLED MESS OF EVERYONE'S LIVES UNTIL THE DAY SHE FALLS IN LOVE AND EVERYONE ELSE IS FREE FROM HER MATCHMAKING ESCAPADES.Most people didn't mind Gwyneth Paltrow's English accent in this charming, 1996 adaptation of Jane Austen's novel . But even if it doesn't sound quite right to you, there are plenty of authentic and wonderful Brit thespians in this film by screenwriter-turned-director Douglas McGrath , including Juliet Stevenson , Alan Cumming , Phyllida Law , Ewan McGregor , and Sophie Thompson, outstanding and finally heartbreaking as the chattering Miss Bates. Paltrow [Read More...] >> [Click to see price]

Por favor, Emma, mantén pulsado el Delete que me estás sacando de quicio #vipdirecto
RT @LostAtHogwarts: Interviewer: How was it sharing a kiss on set? Rupert and Emma:
Ai mas a Emma tbm ela me da é raiva dkdjjsj
RT @6Iackk: don't feel bad for knowing you deserve more
Mainly Regina cuz Emma be wildin idk if I claim
RT @JamesNeesej1: Zoey 101 makes me happy 😊
#Raw I'm ready for #Emma you momma...
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RT @alexxdnvrs: esse "brazil.... i hope to return. i will one day" foi tão sincero quanto a regina falando "emma..... i'm happy for you, i really am"
When I go home tomorrow I'm catching up on season 6 of ouat just for Regina mills and Emma swan
So, we're not seeing Emma until after #Wrestlemania then? Cool. I guess. #raw
RT @TheRealMissAbbs: RIP Emma Swan. She's not... . Oh! Who am I kidding? She's Dead. Hook and CS killed her!
RT @kiminamjoon: 10. se a rainha emma stone ama kpop quem é você pra julgar
*casually waits for Rashad & Emma, Bonner & Sharna, Nick & Peta and Simone & Sasha* #DWTS
RT @meaganmday: Democrats are constantly saying, "Look, we all want universal healthcare." So what will they do with this opportuni…
RT @AmargadoGH: Daniela contesta a Elettra Elettra habla de Daniela con Irma y Emma #vipdirecto