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If you drive drunk with other people in the car you're the worst kind of person
@wolfjamiie You never know homie, might meet some hoes homie, you need to pump your brakes and drive slow homie😤
I left my flash drive in the computer lab. Kill me now please.
So I have to drive to Arkansas w/ Isaac tomorrow for work but it's nice that we get to go on a road trip that's paid and in a range rover 😊
RT @Msixelaa: So I drive for uber why I just pick this girl up and drop her off to a dick appointment and the dick appointment was my mans house 🙃
A #denseFOGadvisory is in effect until 10a Tues. #Visibilities will drop below 1/4mi at times for the morning drive…
UK: Ebook sales continue to fall as younger generations drive appetite for print @guardian
.@JacksonProp picks up three American River Drive office buildings from Hines for $15.8 million:…
RT @MissJennyVi: nah but why do guys drive like they're being chased 😭😭😭😭
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RT @FatherWithTwins: Just saw someone eating Taco Bell in the McDonald's drive thru, so I've found my new life coach
RT @HPE_Servers: How #HPC and remote visualization drive innovation across #life sciences fields
@SethAbramson when things r going down, if drug use explains issues quite possible bipolar disorder, which mania can drive creativity, 2/
@shslauthor my mom's about to drive them over :o!
RT @EAHS_EAGLES: Tomorrow is the last day to turn in Blood Drive permission slips during lunch! Don't forget!!
RT @TheReTweetest: Relationship status: Rubbing one out in the drive thru on my lunch break.
There's really nothing quite like a leisurely drive from St. Stephen to Moncton in a raging snow storm. So far 3 hours and counting...
RT @Haley_Victory: "I didn't inherit anything, but I inherited a drive and determination from two great parents." @AllenWest @yaf
No wok drive me brazy.
are just visitors. We have to drive out the evil that is trying to destroy our country. I have lived my life and will gladly fight [2/5]
RT @JJ_McCullough: Think about it this way: it’s legal to drive a car in Canada. But how much does government spend on the giant traffic law regime around it?
RT @Indian_stats: Me: dad can you drive me to.. Brown dad: Drive?👿😤 I used to walk 500km to school👳🏻😡in 100 degree weather🔥🔥this is all cause of ur phone👺👊🏻
#DriveInsuredTN In Tennessee - We have known of many - over the years - who never bought car insurance, but read...