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VIEW price of Dracula [VHS] and special offer!!!Product Description : Dracula [VHS] essential videoWhen Universal Pictures picked up the movie rights to a Broadway adaptation of Dracula, they felt secure in handing the property over to the sinister team of actor Lon Chaney and director Tod Browning. But Chaney died of cancer, and Universal hired the Hungarian who had scored a success in the stage play: B?la Lugosi. The resulting film launched both Lugosi's baroque career and the horror-movie cycle of the 1930s. It gets off to an atmospheric start, as we meet Count Dracula in his shadowy castle in Transylvania, superbly captured by the great cinematographer Karl Freund. Eventually Dracula and his blood-sucking devotee meet their match in a vampire-hunter called Van Helsing . If the later sections of the film are undeniabl [Read More...] >> [Click to see price]

Hammer Collection VHS Dracula ,Vampires, Christopher Lee
@greggturkington @timheidecker @MrPeytonReed Are you also planning to get a Decker vs. Dracula VHS? Is that at Circuit City or Blockbuster?
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