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"The pleasure is mine." He says, crossing his legs.
RT @AmazingFactPage: This is a Komondor, a traditional Hungarian guard dog.
RT @AmazingFactPage: This is a Komondor, a traditional Hungarian guard dog.
@Swapfellcandy @LustyViolin "I don't care if you dust me for this, I'm not gonna sit by and let you get yourself du…
Okay She Brought A Bag Of Clothes...Damn Guard Dog Didn’t Tell Her Bring My TV Too Y’all Suck
@Guard_Dog_Papy @LustyViolin “ NO LET ME GO LET ME GO LET ME GO LET ME GO”
"Clever." He says with a chuckle.
He's still nervous. The cute ones are the deadliest. "Right..."
RT @letters4trump45: Anybody remember the Secret Hush Slush Fund Maybe those people could pay back that money they robbed America of and…
He's uncomfortable. Very much so.
He's a jerk to everyone. Clever is kinda used to it.
@LustyViolin @Swapfellcandy He's just gonna pop in, grab the Lord, and shortcut the fuck out of there.
the business next door to my house has a “guard dog” sitting outside and it’s been snowing and i want to steal the…
RT @LILBTHEBASEDGOD: STop saying your “ dog “ it’s nasty and makes me cringe.. my adopted tabby cat is my friend and not my “ cat” she’…
@grccdlxst He lets out a sigh. "I'll do my best. Thanks for telling me Greed."
He looks at the other. "Um... Hi?!"
@Guard_Dog_Papy "*yer bro just whipped leo an'shredded his back with a spiked fucking whip." He's looming over tow…
Clever has made possible friends with Champagne. As long as his Lord doesn't interfere.
RT @KotinVijay: @dhume There's a dog that simply arrives at my doorstep everyday though I've my own loyal dog to guard my house. It…
@grccdlxst "What is he doing?"
@Guard_Dog_Papy "*clever, bro." His eye is glowing, teeth bared. "*y'd best collar yer brother."