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RT @ellenfraher: My #FlashbackFriday dedicated to the wondrous David Byrne. Some people you carry with you from adolescence. They'r…
RT @ellenfraher: "We don't make music. It makes us." ~ David Byrne
How many times in the 80s did David Byrne smash while wearing his Klumps suit?
Father Andy Riley. Father Desmond Coyle. Father George Byrne. Father David Nicholson. Father Declan Lynch. Father Ken Sweeney.
RT @hellisreaI: @myDXMprobIem I thought of David Byrne notice three years ago and no one thought it would be a cool show
David Byrne & St.Vincent's "Love This Giant" album is worth a listen if that's your kind if thing.
RT @KINGCRlMSON: I need a couch like this but w big suit david byrne
“Glass, Concrete and Stone” by David Byrne, from the album Grown Backwards
Brother of Regency Hotel shooting victim David Byrne returns to Ireland for gangland summit
RT @EvidenceProf: @DennERob @Undisclosedpod @esquire Or maybe I'll go in the opposite direction with the David Byrne big suit:
色々な曲イメージを引っ張り出しながら、とりあえず今はこれ。David Byrne.
X-Press 2 Ft. David Byrne - Lazy [OFFICIAL VIDEO] - YouTube sorry I have to play it now
RT @VespaHunny: How have I never seen this before?! "It's like 60 Minutes on acid..." David Byrne Interview - YouTube
@missy_molly_mol it's David Byrne- lazy
@DennERob @Undisclosedpod @esquire Or maybe I'll go in the opposite direction with the David Byrne big suit:
David Byrne - I Know Sometimes A Man Is Wrong
I miss american apparels off brand halloween costume names. If they had a david byrne costume, itd be "big suit new wave singer"
PowerPoint may not be of any use for you in a presentation, but it may l... #DavidByrne #quotes
@Jimpei11 @Lamarthefrog I can confirm that the worse my jokes are, the more he starts quoting David Byrne lyrics