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VIEW price of Crossroads and special offer!!!Product Description : Crossroads essential recordingIncluding both his band work and his long, varied solo career, this four-CD set does a spectacular job in gathering several decades' worth of Clapton's best. There are the requisite classics--"Layla," "Blues Power," "After Midnight," "Further On Up the Road," "Crossroads," and "I Shot the Sheriff," among many others--some of them in previously unreleased live or alternate studio recordings. Released in 1988, when only superstars were granted the box set, Crossroads became the blueprint for what such a retrospective should be. For its scope, this box skims the cream of Clapton's large output. --Daniel Durchholz [Read More...] >> [Click to see price]

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@ColoradoDOT pls clean up massive amount of broken bottles on nb i25 at Crossroads. On both shoulder for many days. Huge danger 2 mcycle
Eric Clapton - BB King -Crossroads 2010 - Live
@TBedilion03 @Crossroads_ND @espn Remember Chapelle's Show when he beats the sick kid on PlayStation? Bakakakakaka! I'm too real!!
@Crossroads_PU @YouTube I have always been excited about Haarms too. I love his stretch game. If he can be like Mo Wagner...Look out!!
#NowPlaying Dead By April - Crossroads On Atlantic Rock #LetsRock
There's a CMT Crossroads with John Mellencamp & Darius Rucker.
I liked a @YouTube video from @eli738704 "Trucking on The CrossRoads of Life" series 3
Now Playing: PSYCHIC FIRE / BiBi (南條愛乃, Pile, 徳井青空) / 錯覚CROSSROADS / 2 / 4 #NowPlaying
@CheesePolitics all roads lead to crossroads
@Crossroads_PU @YouTube He looked good. Hopefully he can be that versatile in college too. Who is his PG? That PG looked pretty good too
RT @sara_hennessey: When baristas ask how u are it's fun to say at a crossroads.
Victory At The Crossroads - Drivin Daydreamin
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist CREAM "Crossroads" LIVE 1968
@Crossroads_PU It's ranked 27th. I agree it has future potential down road but we need to start getting top 15-20 w/occasional top 10 class
Britney me n my too friends broke down on that highway. It was totally crossroads movie im YOU
@Crossroads_PU Eastern is exciting & Wheeler too, but landing Jaren Jackson who is a McD's All American or Tillman would have been amazing!
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