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RT @BandaiNamcoUS: The gang from #DigimonWorld #NextOrder are here to make your Digi Dreams a reality! #Digimon
@KojiFox @Celanor @Dr_Nikolai Ok! Show up in my dreams tomorrow night. XD
📷 mojave-outpost-one: here have a coyote who showed up in my fever dreams and won’t leave me alone im...
Today's film quote When did you realise all your dreams had come true Coyote ugly
@atypicalADfox My dreams are pretty fucked up sometimes.
@muttuncut Its not, but thats a good one. When ever people start having weird dreams or whatever I just assume an old gypsy lady is involved
@Grimmy_Coyote hope your dreams are filled with many'a bunnies
@MangyMalamute Any dreams at all would be good right about now. XD
@Grimmy_Coyote good luck buddy! Sweet dreams :)
@lucky_coyote Ok ok, sweet dreams♡
@ATOMthrill I'm going to sleep, sweet dreams~♡
@lucky_coyote I have to leave, I talk to you later. Goodnight baby, sweet dreams ♥
"So tell me, what do you do when you realize your dreams are coming true?" Violet, Coyote Ugly.
@coyote_luck @SeelaWolf @nikomonkey I abandoned my fighter pilot dreams when I learned I would actually have to work.
@SeelaWolf @nikomonkey my fighter pilot dreams were crushed early on (eyesight), by the time they allowed contact lenses I'd moved on :/
@Grimmy_Coyote can't have em anymore. The drugs take away my nightmares. Too bad it takes my dreams too.
@Grimmy_Coyote I've seen much worse in my dreams.