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VIEW price of Coastal Living (1-year) and special offer!!!Product Description : Coastal Living (1-year) Review Who Reads Coastal Living? Coastal Living captures the timeless romance of life by the sea. It gives readers the relaxed feeling and sense of renewal that you can get only at the beach. By providing the escape route, Coastal Living helps break the routine of everyday life. Its readers are young adventurers, savvy travelers, creative homeowners, everyday gourmets, aspiring beach dwellers, affluent boomers, and coastal connoisseurs. What You Can Expect in Each Issue: CURRENTS: Each issue opens with an "I want to be there" beach image along with a Top 10 List. The section continues with 1- or 2-page articles of decorating ideas, products, shops, and beach beauty. One of the new favorite col [Read More...] >> [Click to see price]

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