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RT @julia_mandilk: why do we smile and look at cameras when pictures are supposed to capture moments & not interrupt them?
RT @ofc_ALDUBHK: Life is like a camera. Focus only on what is important and you will capture it perfectly. #ALDUBxDTBYBagongSimula
@bieberporrito esto es muy capture bizarre?
@KhimHoa Hai, Mbak Kim. Terkait hal tersebut silakan infokan nmr & capture keluhan via DM agar dpt dibantu cek. Tks. -Jony
[111010 파워콘서트 Run Devil Run] 티파니.jpg
RT @cpawssab: WOW, great shot! Enter CPAWS photo contest Apr 3-28 Win a #panasonic camera & more #canada150 #CFC150 Enter:…
My capture and bheegi palkain last scene similarity hainaa 😉 @faysalquraishi
"Write it down. Capture the moment, capture the emotion… Otherwise time will fade it away." #StevieNicks
Ahora, quién es peor: El/la del grupo que hizo el capture o la persona a quien se le envió la foto y se le dijo: "no se lo mandes a nadie"?
RT @WWE: Statement MADE by @NiaJaxWWE as she looks to capture the #RAW #WomensChampionship this Sunday at #WrestleMania!
RT @derick_thomas: @pranesh @Stupidosaur @thej at the enrollment center. For regular auth it could be done. But that would make capture devices expensive 2/
RT @ILTreasurer: Capture IL agricultural scenes in any season & submit them to the 2017 #CreamofCropIL Photo Contest.…
RT @derick_thomas: @thej @pranesh @Stupidosaur End to End encryption (device - UIDAI) during enrollment is not possible. Quality of capture should be done 1/
@BadponyMedicine open a command prompt and type (without quotes) "netstat -na" expand the window full screen, capture it and send it via DM
RT @LuminousFP: What are you waiting for! Quick, capture a moment with our special poster :) and TAG US :)
RT @EmanDeLeon: to the #KissesDelavin supporters, pls help me get a decent capture of all the MegaStylePH new photos of K. Thank you! 💋
RT @WORIDSTARHIPH0P: when ur in elementary PE playin capture the flag and 3/4 of your team is in jail and u aren't normally a runner but…
@DmsDeTuIdolo ignora el ss anterior, capture equivocado :/
RT @EmanDeLeon: ano na Team #KissesDelavin ?!! yung magandang quality ng capture ng MegaStylePH photos wala pa ba? 😂
@pranesh @Stupidosaur @thej at the enrollment center. For regular auth it could be done. But that would make capture devices expensive 2/
RT @KMHA_All: Tyke Division Champs - The Kitchener Capitals remained undefeated in KMHA play to capture
RT @_metafizik: This might just capture @realDonaldTrump's tremendous persona better than any cartoon I've seen yet? It's truly wor…
Magikarp 41.276612,-95.937792 💯 CP188 L30 ♂ [Splash/Struggle] Capture Rate: 57% 72% 82% (14:56)