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VIEW price of Brides (2-year) and special offer!!!Product Description : Brides (2-year) Review Editorial Reviews Who Reads Brides? Brides is written for a woman engaged to be married. She comes to Brides for help and inspiration in creating a wedding that, while being uniquely about her and her fiance, will also delight her friends and family. She expects Brides to help her stay on budget as it walks her through the nuts and bolts of the wedding process, using timetables, dos and don'ts, checklists, and other user-friendly devices. What You Can Expect in Each Issue: Regular sections of Brides include: Fashion and Beauty: Runway bridal gowns paired with perfect accessories; dresses that fix specific figure flaws; new color combos for the bridal party; wedding-day beauty tips and tric [Read More...] >> [Click to see price]

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