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VIEW price of Believe and special offer!!!Product Description : BelieveYolanda Adams has enjoyed a meteoric rise up the charts since her sparkling 1999 debut, Mountain High, Valley Low. A Christmas and live album later, she's back with her most polished and deliberate release yet. Adams calls on friends Shep Crawford, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, and Kevin Bond to again produce a silky-smooth backdrop for her commanding vocal presence. While the topical matter on Believe seems geared toward a secular market, there are gospel strains on the tracks "Only If God Says Yes" and "Thank You." Most of the beats center around the radio hits "I Gotta Believe" and "Never Give Up," inspirational ballads built to showcase Adams's beautiful voice. There's some edgy funk to boot, with Elektra label mate Karen Clark-Sheard on " [Read More...] >> [Click to see price]

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