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VIEW price of Backpacker [1-year] and special offer!!!Product Description : Backpacker [1-year] Review Who Reads Backpacker? Backpacker is written for readers who love outdoor adventure. Backpacker readers are serious about their passion for the outdoors, whether it be a simple day hike or an all out backpacking trek. Published 9 times a year, Backpacker provides expert information on the best trails in America, including GPS coordinates to get readers to the most remote and beautiful places nature has to offer. In 2008, Backpacker teamed up with San Francisco based firm Cooler to calculate their carbon footprint. Realizing that they were putting 5 million pounds of CO2 into the air each year, Backpacker took measures to reduce their carbon footprint, and combined with investment in renewable energy, has effic [Read More...] >> [Click to see price]

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