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VIEW price of Amar Es Combatir and special offer!!!Product Description : Amar Es Combatir It's finally happened. After years of puzzling popularity by way of derivative rock retreads, Mana has finally made the leap to full-bodied musical force on its first album in four years, Amar Es Combatir. The disc is a thoughtful, tender and often terrific collection of pop wizardry. It's buoyed by solid production work, a cohesive sound and singer Fher Olvera's commanding vocal presence. Mana has always drawn inspiration from the arena-rock vibes of everyone from U2 to Journey, but this time, the group takes those blueprints and creates its own urgent framework. It's a thrilling, insanely catchy collection. Everything on the disc crackles with energy, from winsome opener "Manda Un Senal" to swaggering closing track "Relax." In between, t [Read More...] >> [Click to see price]

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