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VIEW price of Aliens [VHS] and special offer!!!Product Description : Aliens [VHS] essential videoAliens is one of the few cases of a sequel that far surpassed the original. Sigourney Weaver returns as Ripley, who awakens on Earth only to discover that she has been hibernating in space so long that everyone she knows is dead. Then she is talked into traveling to a planet under assault by the same aliens that nearly killed her. Once she gets there, she finds a lost little girl who triggers her maternal instincts--and she discovers that the company has once again double-crossed her, in hopes of capturing one of the aliens to study as a military weapon. Directed and written by James Cameron, this is one of the most intensely exciting action films ever, with a large ensemble cast that includes Bill Paxton, Lance Henriksen, [Read More...] >> [Click to see price]

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