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VIEW price of Above the Rim and special offer!!!Product Description : Above the RimA hot prospect threatens his college career by playing in a high stakes street basketball tournament. Starring Duane Martin, Tupac Shakur and Marlon Wayans. Year: 1994 Director: Jeff Pollack Starring: Duane Martin Leon, Tupac Shakur, Marlon WayansThis rousing basketball drama centers around Tommy "Shep" Sheppard , a former high school basketball star now haunted by the accidental death of his best friend, and Kyle Watson , an arrogant high school player in danger of slipping into crime. Though Shep avoids commitment in his life as a security guard, his attraction to Kyle's mother draws him out of his protective shell--but Kyle is more interested in mentorship from Shep's gangster brother Birdie . Above the Rim is melodramatic but pla [Read More...] >> [Click to see price]

I've never seen "Above the Rim" in its entirety, but if they let Marlon Wayans catch a body, it has to be special.
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I liked a @YouTube video Baby Jesus (DaBaby) x Money Man - Above The Rim
Above The Rim "Motaw #23" Shootout Basketball Jersey |
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Summertime shootout feelin like above the rim pac
Morris just drove hard high above the 3 pt line all the way to the rim past his defender. That's a great move down…
Tupac above the rim My shooters clear the court.
Every time I see him get this high, I remember the botched alley-oop Mo Williams threw at him years ago. Head was w…
Beautiful 3 by Anderson. Honestly wonder why he doesn't get minutes in Brett's rotation. He's a willing defender wh…
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