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then the other half of me is like " take ya savings buy that car, and stack til u got ya own apartment" ...#decisions
RT @kaynecaraway: "Purchase our shirt on tilt" "Buy a ticket to our event" "Come out to our proceeds night" Me:
Not only did he buy me a new backpack, he bought me Twix and 2 boxes of tissues since I was out❤❤
read about the sacrifice of life. Buy #corna at
does anybody want to donate to the "camryn has no finish ticket merch but still doesn't have money to buy any" orga…
I will buy you a Raising Canes. Just lemme love you 😩
RT @Lakhiwe_XO: PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: girls when you get braids done DO NOT buy the xpressions with the British flag stamp. It's fake.
@MLS @OrlandoCitySC this dude was always a must buy on fifa
@DineshDSouza @Nike no more NIKE so many other really good shoes out there to buy
RT @SwiperGFX: Need a new overlay, banner, header, or stream pack dm today to buy one @HyperRTs @BKGRt @StreamSight @StreamerHype
I'll buy you Victoria's Secret panties if you kick ... — Wild I'll do it for wings instead
RT @gpawlak19: PSA: don't forget to buy your lock-in tickets!! TOMORROW is the last day!!
RT @pissfed: do ppl realize that abusers r not abusive 24/7? some do buy u gifts from time to time, some do tell u they love u, some do give u kind words
RT @slpng_giants: CONFIRMED: Canadian law firm @SiskindsLLP has blocked Breitbart from their media buy!
Hey @dualcoremusic we hope to see you compete in the @nola_con #ctf. Get yours self in the top 5 and we will buy you a drink.
RT @tirednoodle: Instead of buying food now I'm just gonna buy makeup
RT @WhodatOnTheBeat: NEW SINGLE OFF MY SELF-PRODUCED ALBUM (coming this year) "SPOKEN WORD" ! Buy for $1 here! Thanks for ALL the suppor…
Anyone buy anything from this company before? Wondering if it's a scam or if I'm gonna get a product nothing like t…
RT @MsVioletMays: I just love it when you tell me to go and buy a pair of new heels, on you #shoefetish #Femme #elegantBDSM #relationshipgoals
Feelin lucky I was smart enough to buy all seasons of @Psych_USA so I can watch it whenever... I love @Omundson @JamesRoday and @DuleHill
@kevinjn you wouldn't even know where to begin my friend! you can't just BITE into it. you have to buy the melon supper, get to know it....
I'm glad I didn't buy any Lebrons this year lol
Someone should buy me a turtle. Ok, bye.