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Is Bitcoin A 'Busted Flush' As Price Falls 20% Below $10k Mark? - Forbes https://t.co/8bBR7uhETT
I do this shit on my own. I don't need anyone to feel bad for me or the shit I go through. I stand on my own damn t… https://t.co/2b1jN5iRiN
@891TheBash Your app is busted. Track history is frozen. Music works great though.
RT @YahooSportsNBA: Kris Dunn landed so hard on his face that his teeth made a mark on the court at the United Center. From… https://t.co/VDZl79gM2t
@girlposts Yeah,right busted lmao
@CarlyJA22 @Brasilmagic It is indeed. And folks are correct. She’s sorry she got busted, not that she said what she said.
RT @Ingrid39678584: Say goodbye to those fake likes: Huge click farm discovered in Thailand https://t.co/MPD7yFn96R
Is Bitcoin A ‘Busted Flush’ As Price Falls 20% Below $10k Mark? – Forbes https://t.co/YS04gMVqVa #bitcoin #ethereum #btc #crypto #blockchain
RT @Imperator_Rex3: 18. Luckily, Obama had a replacement in mind. The worst CIA director in history, John 'O' Brennan. As in, 'O' I'm g… https://t.co/6YkDBtFLkg
RT @neelang_dave: Pravin Togadia 's scripted disappearance/dramatic resurfacing & peddling of his encounter's theory to blame… https://t.co/bE07OrbCZ8
RT @JrcheneyJohn: Just How Corrupt is the FBI ? 💥Busted~ FBI Agent Shared Information With The ‘Fake’ Trump Dossier Author. Why… https://t.co/Tv7RbqauRn
RT @CrankGameplays: Hell yeah, one of them just busted out his harmonica. Shits about to get funky
RT @IWillRedPillYou: Pedophile in Ohio Busted after Lyft Driver Discovers Child Porn on Passenger's Lost Phone #PedoGate #PedoGateNews… https://t.co/OYSTkmjOXZ
Yuneec Typhoon H - Tech Review | Busted Wallet https://t.co/3yI7hZjz4p
RT @dracomallfoys: me when i land in the hospital with busted ear drums cause i didn't have any self control and got carried away in t… https://t.co/ew53YRD1Tx
RT @PBCountySheriff: Our Detectives worked hard and made an arrest on the Homicide/Shooting that occurred on Florence Road. Richard Ande… https://t.co/EGTC7h2Ccr
@_thetreblemaker I just busted out laughing at my desk
RT @borborkian: S/o to all the other ladies due in August, there truly is nothing else to do in November but get busted in and eat food
@kinacapistrano Idc if ma busted ko basta kay love nko siya!
RT @Madelincumslut: Retweet if you boys have ever busted a fat load while looking at my pics , I wanna see how many;) #cumtribute… https://t.co/7Za50MR1iA
RT @SavingAmerica4U: 🔴BUSTED: Fusion GPS, Simpson Lied During Testimony Fusion GPS RETRACTS Simpson Claim Simpson, claimed the FBI had… https://t.co/JBrQCyUtcI
RT @iamdjacker: Part 4. From hipuan sa mrt (walang video kasi sobrang siksikan that time, which was around 12 noon) to handjob sa… https://t.co/vvixpBE2xS