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Stop the bus one direction just won a Brit award 🙊 #alwaysafangirl #BRITs2017
my stupid ass bus driver drove past my stop and made us get off all the way down the road bc we didn't "stop her when she passed it"
RT @PoliceHour: Heartwarming: PCSO helps woman who got lost on way to bus stop https://t.co/xYCKceurM5
I just walking past the bus stop today and I heard these two girls talking about 5h and c. u don't know how bad I wanted to join their convo
Roxxxy: says her bus stop thing My Mam: no..... oh no that's terrible..... poor roxxxy.... let her stay..... no poor thing.....
RT @KwabenaBarkoPe: You meet someone and you think that person is going to be your final bus stop then they start acting like conductors
Some right perv on the bus STOP STARING AT ME
'I can't stop crying' says bus driver What the hell is going on here? #trimetized Not sure why Brutal https://t.co/DvoVsGpL0G
In @Harrods watching a £69,500 TV today. Left the store to catch a bus, met a lady begging at the bus stop.… https://t.co/e6uju2mest
Manaa awek ni sey setengah jam jugak dia suruh aku tunggu kat bus stop ni hm
@greggutfeld Greg tell him where to get off. And it is not a school bus stop. Someone need to stand up to this JERK.
The mentally ill should not have access to knives. #ENOUGH https://t.co/XGeoFTao3D
@SEPTA_SOCIAL At the stop in front of Children's Hospital. Bus did let people on but as it pulled off others waved to stop, it kept going.
My dad is waitin at my bus stop to talk to my bus driver about the way he was talking to me..
Old mAn on the bus , please stop staring at me lmaooooo
Real amateur redhead Czech girl flashes her big tits and pussy fucked with stranger at the bus stop https://t.co/anfIh4nQfa
Tags on cattle ears are tickets. Bus Stop no.37, Tajikistan. #socialistmodernism https://t.co/p4lADDX3vF
in 7th grade I got suspended for getting off @ another kids bus stop & beating him and his older brother up for tal… https://t.co/sTUEFAWymc
A Spoonful of Fear (1996) archer at bus stop
@hwcollector That bus would not stop Dumb and Dumber from "moving" it. If only they weren't otherwise occupied.
RT @2dpussy: Honestly don't see the problem with masturbation, if you don't like it stop sitting next to me on the bus
Whoo aga ko sa bus stop 🎉🎉😂