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RT @julianhuppert: Fantastic to see joint Lib Dem/Lab amendment succeed to stop government banning councils running bus services. https://t.co/xLMz0YnzOc #fb
RT @EricGreitens: Fantastic stop on our statewide bus tour in Cape with @JasonSmithMO #mogov https://t.co/qKmNATNR72
These goofy hoes talkin bout they always be on moves... bitch where? To the bus stop?? Gtf outta here😒
the bus stop smells like fish & piss
I'm at CDTA Bus Stop - Dove And Washington in Albany, NY https://t.co/wJSmCJ0guD
@TTChelps I arrived at the stop at 3:35 and the bus arrived at 3:58. I just wanted to know for future references if I should just walk
@FucknJeffrey for sure the bus driver knocked out cause there was no skid marks of wanting to stop
when you miss your fucking bus stop
I'm at CDTA Bus stop at Washington Ave and Swan St https://t.co/p63SMys29M
RT @WayneDupreeShow: CBS Major Garrett should know, @mike_pence is not going to throw @realDonaldTrump under the bus so stop trying! https://t.co/oWpFYzo7ho
Currently riding the one-way struggle bus and it does not stop at Flavortown
@RomanAtwood @_little_britt_ This game is so addictive, almost missed my bus stop😂 had to die or would of missed my… https://t.co/DtylWnd1Cf
Some days I be walking to the bus stop just praying that someone I know sees me and picks me up instead of waving at me as they drive by
@werbrokenpeople I bought that one for my friend and she also lost it at the bus stop on her way to school. she forced her dad to look for-
This bus forreal didn't turn their flashers/stop sign up for these two little kids... glad they didn't get hit
Fantastic stop on our statewide bus tour in Cape with @JasonSmithMO #mogov https://t.co/qKmNATNR72
RT @akshaykumar: Heartfelt prayer for the bravehearts... This mindless terrorism needs to stop. Bus ho gaya!!! Enough is enough!!! Jai Hind. #UriAttacks
She's either waiting to pick someone up at the bus stop or there is something wrong with my car that concerns her
Bus driver to blame for Edmonton child being dropped off far from stop, says Catholic district … https://t.co/ZgdKTbl5MH
25 minutes on a bus stop? Fuck is y'all problem man, make these SouthSide buses consistent just like you guys do the upnorth buses @cta
I look a hot mess at this bus stop rn and it's hilarious
RT @nickolester: Govt move to stop local authorities setting up bus companies getting a kicking by peers. Branded 'nasty and mean spirited' Ouch!
@MarkKing_ just before vec in north strand, between bus stop and traffic lights. Gave me some fright
2 dead, 1 critical in IndyGo bus stop crash https://t.co/0CXqj5Zo4p