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@am_BURRRRRRRR Coconut oil literally brought my hair back to life after bleaching it for three years straight it's a blessing to earth
Bling blaww burrrrrrrr
RT @adamcald11: "In the good ol' days..." If this doesn't send chills down your spine I don't know what will... https://t.co/9QoBGFJ15X
@mollieodonut coconut oil. Put that shit on everything. Food, smoothies, hair, skin, teeth, cats can even eat a little in their food.
I couldn't find my kitten in the house anywhere for almost an hour. I was so glad when he attacked my foot 😅
Bling blaw burrrrrrrr
Gucci Mane - Waybach [Official Music Video]. @gucci1017 BURRRRRRRR https://t.co/LnRySvLGoR
Bling Blaww Burrrrrrrr
RT @kulwinder777o: full injoy waching msg the warrior loin heart movie. burrrrrrrr https://t.co/3q2Ze9B7J8
Bling, Blaw, Burrrrrrrr
Bling Blaww Burrrrrrrr
@busty_pie you know what, bunny? that motion is exactly what I wanna do to your boobs while making a "burrrrrrrr" noise.
Burrrrrrrr. 😓😓
RT @Basedddddd: Woptober this morning! Burrrrrrrr! 🙀🙀🙀 https://t.co/Ui81sK6Rhw
RT @Basedddddd: Woptober this morning! Burrrrrrrr! 🙀🙀🙀 https://t.co/Ui81sK6Rhw